Does TYT Steel Pipe have export licence?
Tianjin TianYingTai Steel Pipe Co., Ltd has been licensed for exports for years. Our experience in export is rich. The cooperation with foreign companies is strong evidence about our strength. Our export license is available on the official website as well as the administration's.

For decades, TYT Steel Pipe have been showing our high quality square pipe to the world. The galvanized steel pipe is one of the main products of TYT Steel Pipe. TYT gi round pipe is manufactured by our experts who have been specialized in this field for many years. It oxidizes and corrodes much slower with quality coating. This product fits the natural curves of people's feet, providing maximum comfort for the foot and improving the stability of footsteps. This product has the characteristics of high precision.

Our goal is to design and produce the most professional, safest, most advanced and environmentally friendly products. We will attach more importance to R&D in the future to increase our innovative level and creativity.
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